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Learn the essentials that are necessary for building a strong Augmented Reality-strategy

  • Learn about 6 practical cases how AR can really add something to your production- and maintenance processes. Including: operating machines, assembly, training and measurements
  • 6 simple steps that explain how the underlaying technology of AR: Computer Vision works, so you can come up with the best use cases
  • A clear overview of the differences between AR and VR. And which is best to use in your case
  • Checklist: 14 kickstart questions that help you deciding whether AR is going to make impact in your organization or not

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This is what people say about us:

TWNKLS made our biggest innovation sine 1653. Thanks to TWNKLS we can jum into the future and reach out to customers who wouldn’t see us before. Therefore we won the Dutch Design Award.

Joffrey Walonker

Design Manager
Royal Delft

Delivering such a high level of quality in just 8 weeks. TWNKLS and IKEA have shown how to bring a new interface to the big public. This is the benchmark from a international perspective.

Jury Dutch Interactive Award 2018

about IKEA Place

The AR sales support app is very impressive. I am convinced that AR is the next for training, especially in the mobility industry. TWNKLS has already made that innovation accessible for us today.

Bernd-Jan de Rooij

Manager Business Development