3D conversion pipeline


Many processes such as BIM models, technical models and detailed render models are based on 3D (CAD) models. The limited computing power of mobile devices means they are not usually able to portray these very data-heavy models via an attractive augmented reality experience. It is therefore necessary to transpose the information into a lighter database which only contains the essentials needed for realistic AR. Our conversion pipeline makes that possible, automatically.

The first step is to select the required (meta)data from the original 3D model (for example from a 3DSMAX file at IKEA). We then also translate bulky data components for things such as material selection into light code, which only defines the visual properties. This gives a result that is less complex, but still of high visual quality.

Both the retrieval of the 3D files from our client’s database and the processing are automated. This enables the pipeline to quickly and effectively translate large numbers of files. The presence of built-in review options means our customers can always keep an eye on what’s going on. We only proceed with creating the definitive model for mobile devices once customer approval has been given.